SICILIAN ESPRESSO: A smooth dark chocolate roast. Blended from Varietals from South American and Indonesia.
VENETIAN ESPRESSO: Smooth non-aggressive decaffeinated espresso.
FORZA DI VITA: Medium dark blend from Indonesia and Central & South America. Has a wild aggressive taste with a full body that ends with a soft nutty sweetness.
MILANO: This blend has a smoky dark chocolate taste without being offensive or bitter.
TUSCANY: This Indonesian blend is highlighted by a smooth, body with a rich aroma. It boasts a smoky after taste.
ITALIANO: The darkest of the roasts, this blend has an intense, rugged flavor. A bold body and lingering aftertaste/
COSTA RICAN: A crisp acidity boasting a clean follow through. The subtle hint of spiciness and the citrus notes has a surprising chocolaty finish.
ETHIOPIAN: This intense coffee surprises you with its berry aroma and fruity flavor
SUMATRA: Offering a full-bodied earthy tone and low acidity. Sumatra is a perfect combination for a memorable cup of coffee.
COLOMBIAN: This classic coffee profile includes a full aroma, heavy body and good acidity. It's pleasing fruity tones are balanced by an excellent caramel like sweetness. Leading to an overall richness.
KENYAN: This bold bodied coffee has a lemony aroma and clean finish.
Using a natural decaffeinated process this blend is rich in flavor. Medium roast with a smooth, mild bodied taste. Showing no unpleasantness that is common to decaffeinated blends.